The Bhode Chore Jacket - Enhancing a True Classic

Not much comes close to the combination of style and functionality that the classic chore jacket silhouette provides. 
Like nearly all fashion staples, the chore jacket was first designed with the worker in mind. Made to be highly durable and with minimal styling, the jacket only has the necessary features; and that’s why we love it. 
Bhode Chore Jacket History
Created as a durable throw-over to keep your clothing clean and safe from scuffs. The shape and construction of the overcoat has remained an undeniable essential that has remained in many wardrobes across the years. 
Our appreciation for such a classic has meant that we wanted to create a unique addition to this true classic, and add a few subtle touches to bring this piece into the current day. 
Bhode Chore Jacket (Wood Buttons) - Blueprint
Introducing the new Chore Jacket; with all the classic styling and functionality that made this classic what it is. 
This particular piece is overdyed to provide the traditional deep, rich colouring that will also age beautifully with you. 
At Bhode we want to create pieces that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come, and even be handed down to the next generation. 
Bhode Chore Jacket (Wood Buttons) - Blueprint
Featuring two patch pockets at the front, a front left chest pocket to keep your cash, a pen and your essentials in, and an internal chest pocket to keep your valuables safe and sound. 
This particular model also features a classic wooden button addition down the front placket, providing an authentic colour contrast to the beautiful deep dye colouring. 
Bhode Chore Jacket (Wood Buttons) — Bugatti Blue
Not forgetting the ultimate culturally-adored bright blue colouring. The eye catching Bugatti Blue Chore Jacket colouring is what captured the attention of many and turned this worker’s uniform into what it is today. 
The true attire that spawned the term ‘blue collared worker’. 
Bhode Chore Jacket (Cotton Twill) — Light Grey
Alongside our Chore Jacket staple, we wanted to introduce a more contemporary update with additional Bhode styling. 
That’s where the Chore Jacket in Cotton Twill comes in, of course also featuring all of the undeniable essentials of the classic.
Bhode Chore Jacket (Cotton Twill) — Bottle Green
Coming in a selection of three pastel toned overdyed colourways - Loden Green, Light Grey, and Bottle Green
Each tone has been selected for its subtle variation on the traditional bold colouring, setting them apart with a soft, contemporary hue. 
Bhode Chore Jacket (Cotton Twill) — Loden Green
We’ve also included the special addition of corozo nut buttons across the garment; corozo nut buttons are crafted from the seed of a tropical palm (phytelephas macrocarpas), meaning that no plastic is used and the jacket provides a completely sustainable and ethical construction. 
Each garment is manufactured in Europe by trusted sources, using only thoroughly researched materials. 
Our main desire is to provide the ideal, authentic and sustainable garment that lasts the test of time and continues to be worn day after day, through rough days and relaxed days.